Monday, July 14, 2008

Water in the lungs

My dad knew it as soon as he woke up - his time was drawing near. He was extremely lethargic - had a real tough time breathing. So what does my dad do? He goes to... (dramatic pause)... his camp site. Yes that's right - good ol' OVPC, Cobden, On. Unsure of how the next few weeks would play out, he knew it might be the last chance he had to see his pride and joy. I'm not sure why he loves his camp site so much. I think it represents a lot of great things for him - relaxation, salvation, he met my mom there...

After a short day at camp, he head back home to Ottawa, packed some belongings, and headed to ER. He knew the situation was bad enough that they wouldn't let him leave. In fact, he was determined to stay at the hospital for observation. He feels safe there.

Turns out that my dad's situation had gotten much worse. X-Rays revealed a massive amount of fluid gathering around his lungs (not in his lungs). The fluid was constricting his lungs and making it difficult for him to breathe. A lung tap was necessary to drain the fluid.

After the lung tap, the doctors made the decision to keep him in observation. Observation turned into a semi-private room. 1 week became 2 weeks which became 3 weeks. My dad's roommate changed twice. It was necessary to keep him in the hospital because he needed to be on oxygen.

For myself, this was one of the most difficult times. At my dad's worst, he was skin and bone, dependant on oxygen, confined to a walker, and each step he took was 5-6 inches. He looked like an old, frail man - but he's much too young for that. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Dad's are strong - not vulnerable.

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