Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Doctors give the 'all clear'!

Having my dad home has been amazing! Its been so good to stop by my parents house and see them chillin' at home.

However, there's been a lerking stress. Doctors have been concerned about my dad's bile ducts and his Kidney's. Furthermore, after a attending Kory & Steph Gorsky's wedding last week, dad took ill... had a tough time getting out of bed. So, as happy as we are to have dad home and as well as he is doing, his condition seems to still be fragile.

My dad was booked for an appointment in Toronto this week to examine both his Kidney's and his Bile Ducts. He was in an MRI machine for over 1hr 20min. If any of you have been in an MRI machine before, you know that spending more than 20min in one is unthinkable.

Dad just called from Toronto with the results from all his tests and... THE REPORT IS GREAT!

No kidney issues! There was a weird shadow on a previous ultrasound that led the doctors to think he may have a growth... but that has been ruled out officially!

No urgent bile duct issues! The doctors are booking him for some precautionary test, but all of them will be in Ottawa!

His next appointment in Toronto is... (wait for it)... January 2010!

The ONLY pressing issue is that dad's CDif (some digestive bacterial infection) has resurfaced. But he has been prescribed some insane anti-biotics ($900 for a two week refill... insane!). Doctors say he'll be 100% in a week or so.

So - you could say the story is just about over! What a journey... I can't believe that dad is home... and for good!

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Amanda, Rose and Claire...and Marc too! said...

SO GLAD TO HEAR! Can't wait to see you Brian!