Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Puss

Dad had really high blood pressure yesterday morning. He called Tele-Health and told a nurse about it. Their response was, 'If your temperature spikes, go to the ER immediately.'

A few hours later my dad's temperature spiked, so they headed off to the ER. He was there all evening, all morning and he's been there all day today. They've now moved him to the third floor temporarily.

After a bunch of tests, they found what they think has been causing my dad's issues... a abscess on my dad's liver. Its like a giant sack of puss... like a big pimple.

They immediately put him on IV anti-biotic. They've informed Toronto. He will have to go to Toronto for further care. Not sure when... we're waiting to hear back from Toronto.

Despite this - my dad is in GREAT spirits. He physically feels fine and his mind/spirit are in a great place. It sucks that there's another complication... but its so good to hear my dad being positive about it.

I'll keep you posted.