Saturday, May 9, 2009

The SUN!

Everybody make sure they grab a copy of Sunday's Ottawa SUN! They're running a story on dad and the family journey! I think page 3... but I'm not sure.

Dad's doing well. He just keeps getting better. No set backs lately.

Its Dad's Birthday on May 11th. Everyone post a birthday message for him on the blog and my Aunt Patti will make sure he gets your message. He's turning 55. Dad has a song he's been singing lately.

'55... 55... 55 and still alive!'


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brian! How wonderful! Freedom 55 right? *wink*

May this year be the year of many, many blessings and exciting recovery milestones to celebrate.

Caroline, Royce, and William Robbins :)

fossnick said...

Happy Birthday Brian! This is going to be a great year ahead for you we just know it will! Keep up the good work and hope to see you when you come home, Love Gail and Stevexxx

Kory and Steph said...


We cannot wait to see you and Linda at the wedding :)

Love, Kory & Steph