Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One step back, two steps forward

Its been a while since I've spoken with my dad. I kinda feel bad about it... but life's been so busy that I actually didn't notice that my dad hadn't called in a while. And I didn't even wonder why... I just assumed everything was going really well.

Not so much. Dad took a bit of a bad turn a few days ago. Nothing major... just a minor set back. He's got a head cold and his recurring case of 'the runs' has returned. Just like previous times he's been sick, he gets weak and unmotivated. However, he's doing a better job this time controlling his response. He's still doing this therapy and he can still walk on his own.

He called today and he sounds fantastic - he honestly did. He laughed a lot which was sooo refreshing to hear. MAN - I can't wait 'till that man is better and back home!

Mom is doing well - but as you can all imagine, its been a long road. Friggin' awesome woman, that mom of mine. She'll be home on Thursday to take care of some business stuff. Not sure what her plans are. She might be home for a few days... maybe even a week or two.

Keep dad in your prayers!


cindy said...

Brian called us at work and you're right Josh he sounds so good. It was great to hear him laugh and we can't wait until they are both home for good.

Keep up the hard work Brian, it gets you closer to homw.


cindy said...

sorry typo, I meant home