Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One step back, two steps forward

Its been a while since I've spoken with my dad. I kinda feel bad about it... but life's been so busy that I actually didn't notice that my dad hadn't called in a while. And I didn't even wonder why... I just assumed everything was going really well.

Not so much. Dad took a bit of a bad turn a few days ago. Nothing major... just a minor set back. He's got a head cold and his recurring case of 'the runs' has returned. Just like previous times he's been sick, he gets weak and unmotivated. However, he's doing a better job this time controlling his response. He's still doing this therapy and he can still walk on his own.

He called today and he sounds fantastic - he honestly did. He laughed a lot which was sooo refreshing to hear. MAN - I can't wait 'till that man is better and back home!

Mom is doing well - but as you can all imagine, its been a long road. Friggin' awesome woman, that mom of mine. She'll be home on Thursday to take care of some business stuff. Not sure what her plans are. She might be home for a few days... maybe even a week or two.

Keep dad in your prayers!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chels Visit

Chelsea was visiting a friend in Toronto this past weekend. Just before she left for home, she decided to stop by and visit dad.

Apparently he's still doing great! His legs got even thinner, somehow. When Chel first peaked in his room, all she could see were is legs. She said to herself, I must have the wrong room... that looks like old lady's legs. Nope - they were dad's.

He's consistently doing his rehab every day and he continues to make great progress. 10 days ago, he couldn't get out of bed by himself. When Chel was with him, he was so excited to show her that he could get out of bed, stand up, and get into his wheel chair! Phenomenal!

Hopefully only 4-5 more weeks of St John's Rehab before my dad can come home and continue rehab in Ottawa.


I saw Bryan Fukumoto on the weekend at a hockey tournament. He's doing very well! Up and about. As is his uncle (donor).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First big walk

Dad just called. He's doing great. He walked from his room to the physio room... not sure how far that is, but any walking is worthy of praise. Dad says, "It was more of a shuffle than a walk."

On heavier note, he did get a bad test result back regarding a certain liver count... the doctors are slightly concerned about his bile duct. So they've booked him an MRI. I'm sure its nothing but precautionary.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

Dad is doing sooo much better!

Usually when we visit dad, he's very weak, very tired, and its usually very depressing. I always tried to encourage dad. "OH dad! Look how great your legs look - they aren't as swollen!" or "Looks like your gaining a few pounds, dad!" At the time, I thought those things were true - I wanted them to be true. Maybe they were...

I told dad that it was starting to get difficult to encourage him. Dad said, "Josh - you really kept me going! If it weren't for you, I'd have given up by now." I continued to say that its so much easier now to encourage him - he's so obviously doing so much better. He said, "I know Josh! I feel it this time. I didn't feel it before - but I do now!"

But this time - holy man! Dad was actually looking, and feeling, a bazillion times better then he's ever looked before. He isn't swollen at all any more. His legs are like twigs (matches his shoulders and arms). And my dad was back to being himself completely! No weird comments that make you think twice. Just dad.

So amazing.

For the past few months, the doctors kept saying that dad needs to 'turn a corner'. Well he clearly, FINALLY has!

We (Becky, James, Chelsea and I) left Ottawa at 7am and made it to Toronto by 11am. Dad was so happy to see us! Later, he said that he had such a great morning getting all cleaned up and ready to see his kids. The anticipation was great.

We went for a walk around the rehab facility. Awesome property - I was able to get a few pretty cool photos. At one point, I forgot we were in the middle of Toronto.

My aunt Patty and my mom met up with us an hour or so later. It was good to see mom again. We all spent the afternoon together - I can't really remember what we did for all that time... but it was fun.

We ended the day by having Easter dinner together. We were able to use the cafeteria, even though it was closed. We joined two tables together and had Swiss Chalet takeout. Dad even said grace like he used to!


We said our goodbyes, then headed home. We got home around 10:30pm. Phenomenal day.


Even though Dad's spirits are back to normal and his body is finally back on the mend, he still has a long road of rehabilitation. My dad's only walked 10ft... using those rail-thingys in rehab. His legs are very weak. He can't stand on his own. They estimate my dad will be making incredible progress by May. Dad's goal is to be out by May 11th, his Birthday. But he's totally fine with staying if he has to. When he comes home this time, he wants to come home for good.

Here's all the pics from the trip: http://picasaweb.google.com/jc.bloomfield.pics/VisitDad02#

Friday, April 3, 2009


So by now you've all noticed my less frequent posting. LIfe's getting busy. I don't know how I kept this blog so up-to-date in the past... it seems like so much work now.

Anyhow, I do plan on posting at least once a week.

Yesterday, dad moved out of the hospital and into Rehab! EXCITING! One small step closer to getting back to normal. He even walked a few steps before leaving the hospital which is awesome news.

My dad has also shed 90% of the water that had accumulated in his abdomen and legs. He looks skinnier and scarier than ever, I could imagine.

One small scare... apparently he had some diarrhea the day he moved to St Johns Rehab. Pro - he got his own room in rehab. Con - he's in isolation. Hopefully it was just something he ate - which is likely given the fact that hospital food is nasty. But the attendants will keep a close eye on his in rehab.

Also - I found out earlier this week that an old acquaintance (Bryan Fukumoto) had a kidney transplant yesterday, in Ottawa. I'm not sure about his prognosis... if anyone knows, please post! We're praying for you and your family, Bryan!

You know, I'd never wish our situation on anyone... it was tough. But so much love and so much good has come from it. Its changed our lives for the better - and it was DEFINITELY worth it. Life changing. I feel lucky that I was given the opportunity to learn what I did. At one time, that reasoning seemed like a silver lining in the cloud. In hind sight, it was a sunny 35C the whole time.

Dad's new number: 416-226-6780 x1221