Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back to Toronto

Dad's started to get a little yellow again - even with the stint in.

Turns out, the stint fell out. Dad was a little too active (lifting, walking, etc) and it looks like the stint moved.

Dad went to Toronto last week and they removed it. But now he's got to go back and have it put back in. He leaves tomorrow.

There's risk in every operation. Please pray he'll be safe.


On a side note, you know what I'm having fun doing?  Reading back on the blog.  WOW - I'm so glad I kept such a great record of everything that happened.  Its so amazing to read back on the posts now that I'm on the other side.

When your in a tough situation and it seems like there's no way out, its easy to give up hope.  Lesson #1 - NEVER give up home.  Never stop believing, loving, giving, being.

I can't believe what I've lived through.

Love you, dad!