Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dad's Home

Dad got home this past Friday afternoon. So good to see him. He can walk (with a walker) and walk up stairs. He's doing so well!

"I can't believe how hard rehab is," said dad. "And just because I'm home, I think I'm all better... no way! I almost fell twice today trying to get up the stairs like I used to."

It seems like its been such a long journey... but its only really been 6 months since the surgery. In the grand scheme of life, its not that long at all.

One thing dad was dying to do when he got home was listen to his blues music and eat ice cream. I offered to take him out for some Dairy Queen. He jumped at the opportunity. We hopped in the car and dad instantly went for the CD player and threw on his blues. OH MY! My ears nearly bled. I'm sure you could hear us coming from a few blocks away. Dad was so happy! Singin' along, totally out of key... but he was in his happy place.

At this point in dad's recovery, his mind and his spirit have finally been restored. His body still needs a lot of work. My dad has over 20 bottles of pills. 20! That's insane. But he should be down to half that in a few months.

Dad's goal is to be home permanently by mid-June. Very exciting.

Thanks God for strengthening my dad and our family. Sometimes your plan is hard to see... but I pray this situation will remain forever in my life as evidence of your faithfulness to us.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The SUN!

Everybody make sure they grab a copy of Sunday's Ottawa SUN! They're running a story on dad and the family journey! I think page 3... but I'm not sure.

Dad's doing well. He just keeps getting better. No set backs lately.

Its Dad's Birthday on May 11th. Everyone post a birthday message for him on the blog and my Aunt Patti will make sure he gets your message. He's turning 55. Dad has a song he's been singing lately.

'55... 55... 55 and still alive!'