Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How do you hang out?

So sorry its taken so long to post. My life is out of control busy.

Dad's doing great. We had a fun visit last Wednesday... the videos tell it all. Listen closely.

Just talked to dad today - he's doing good. He's stands a few times a day. But he's too weak to walk. He's in good spirits.


cindy said...

It lifted my spirits to see Brian laughing and joking in the video.I talked to Jean yesterday and she said as soon as you get home she will make you whatever you want (probably fruit salad). When all the girls get in I will tell them to check out the video and maybe they will send you a message as well.
Take care and get strong
Love Cindy

amanda said...

HI Brina,

That video is so great! It reminds me of Rose in her Jolly Jumper!

Take care of yourself and get home as soon as you are ready. We all miss you and Linda very much.


Anonymous said...

Hi Josh
Aunt Bev, I cried with joy, OH my
God. God is so merciful, so full of Grace. He answers all our prayers. Thank you dear God for the Bloomfields continue to show favour on them and blessings. What a witness what our God can do through our Saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you. Always, Always in my Prayers. Aunt Bev XOXO

Steph said...


"How do you hang out?"