Friday, March 13, 2009

Mom is amazing!

My dads recovery is going so strangely. My mom leaves for a few ours on Mar 10 and all of a sudden he's on a ventilator in ICU hallucinating. Then a day later he's sitting up, eating, talking, etc... just like he was today.

Its so great to hear that dad is going well. He's sitting up, eating, talking, etc. He had some tests that all came back positive.

I hate hearing about these strange episodes he continues to have - where he gets agitated and has a hard time breathing. No one can figure out what the deal is.

Anyway, mom is doing FANTASTIC. Her attitude is phenomenal. She's so strong - and she really believes that we're going to make it through this - and she's going to see dad through the whole thing.

Man - anyone out there need an example of commitment? Linda Bloomfield. She's had every reason to back down... every reason to give up... but no.

Mom... freakin mom. Jeeze louize she's amazing!

Mom - I've never been more proud of you!


James Bloomfield said...


The mother of Jesus, Mary, teaches us that not only is God mother, but God is also Child. And we are to be the mothers of God. She alone is the Theotikos, the literal mother of God. But by her example the Good News comes upon us that we too are mothers of God whenever our birthings bear fruit of wisdom or compassion, as hers did in the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus, though male, shocks the world by his constant growth “in wisdom and in grace” (Luke 2.52) and by his preaching of maternal side of God, that is, of compassion. “Be you compassionate as your Creator in heaven is compassionate,” he insists (Luke 6.36) as a summary of all his teaching. Here I think lies all the meanings of cosmogenesis, the unfolding birth of the cosmos, and here we, as co-creators with God, have so significant a role to play.

It is here that all art, all work, all self-expression, all sexuality, all creativity, all the divine power of the human who is a royal person finds its fullest expression. It is what I believe a lost Gospel. In the scheme of things, what Divine role does the Mother play in our definition of the Trinity?

When I see you mom all I can think of is Divine.
You are the only person I know that truly gives birth to Christ everyday.
I know of no other such mom.
You are Theotikos.

What good is it to me if Mary gave birth to the son of God 2000 years ago and I do not also give birth to the son of God in my time and in my culture?

Love You & Missssss Yoouu!

Uncle P said...

Linda is our hero!!!!Our own little Barrhaven Angel!!!! The KID is coming back!!!


Anonymous said...

Brian, Linda and Josh:
We are still cheering in prayer for you and your family...
Keep going to the thrown of grace boldly because when there is a cry of desparation the Lord bends down and he hears our need of him and he promises he WILL ANSWER.. He is very compassionate and he knows when we are weak. That is sooo good because then Jesus Christ who carries the authority on death and the grave holds the keys and when we are in a relationship with him...Is anything to hard for God!!
Praise God .. THe God of the Impossible! No one else will do when we are in need. (:
Stay strong, don't let your hearts be troubled and don't fear...! Hooray!
Susie Celetti
Gateway Church.
We are not going to stop praying for you and your family here...

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda

Praise the Lord for the Victory. I think of you folks often and pray for a complete healing of your dear Brian. Love and prayers Lenora