Friday, March 27, 2009

Back at it...

Alright - its time to get back at the honest blogging...

I've been so busy lately... I'm so sorry for not keeping you all up to date. I know there are many of you who check the site daily for updates. Your commitment and love for my dad means so much to me, but even more to him.

Dad is doing so much better. Now, he's still really weak but here are the facts:

- for the past week, he hasn't been sick
- he's stood up every day on his two feet - once for over 2 mins (that's huge!)
- physio says that he'll be walking in a few weeks
- dad says he's not leaving Toronto 'till the end of May - and when he does leave, he knows it will be for good this time!

He calls me every day! I LOVE his calls! He's in his right mind. He's kinda low - but its more of a lonely low and not a "I'm gonna die" low. I'd post his phone number but I don't know it. Your free to call the Toronto General Hospital (you can find the number from one of my older posts) and ask for patient Brian Bloomfield.

I can't wait for this to be all over - and it will be. But I don't think any one imagined it would take this long. In contrast, my dad's hospital roommate had a kidney transplant 6 days ago and he was being released. Isn't that crazy!?!? I was so happy for that dude. It was nice to share our stories.

Life for me is going well. My check up last week was good. All my parts are working. I feel good. But I'm realizing that I'm pretty out of shape. I mean, I wasn't very athletic before the transplant which makes an already bad situation worse. I told Chel that as soon as it warms up just a little more, I'm going to start my iPod walks again down by the river. So relaxing. Audio book, nature, walking... nothing like it.

The family is doing well. Mom is stronger than ever. Becky and James are doing well.

Not much else to say...

Dad's Birthday is coming up on May 11th. Here's his list:

- hats (he needs to stay out of the sun for the rest of his life)
- blues music
- suspenders
- "book from the Food Channel" (I have no idea what this means)

So keep your eyes open. I'd love to throw dad the biggest B-Day bash ever - even if he's still in Toronto.


Anonymous said...

HI Joshua,
Aunt Bev,
This is such good news. My spirit is excited for all of you. Since your Dad has been going through all this for almost a year. I use to complain about my Life. How unimportant daycaring and cleaning and cooking and paperwork is!!!
But I now have a new outlook on life. Everything done has a offering up to the Lord even cleaning toilets with a Glad Heart. We some how thing we will be around forever. So now I appreciate the life the Lord has given me and I look forward to the future because Our God is in control. Thank you Jesus. Chelsea thank you for being such a giving person you are a sweetie. Love you guys. Always, Always in my prayers.

McClungs said...

For Brian and Linda - Hi you 2. Larry and I only found out about the liver transplant a couple of weeks ago. I stopped by the store today to buy chocolate and to ask how Brian is this week. I was so glad to hear the good report. We'll be keeping you in our prayers. Wish we could visit in person. We know from Larry's hospital experience that visitors are so important for recovery. We wish for many blessings for you and your family. Please also pray for Bryan Fukumoto who is scheduled for kidney transplant on April 2 in Ottawa. You would know exactly what to pray for!
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Janet and Larry McClung

Cindy said...

Hi Brian and Linda,
Spring is here and you know what that means...SPRING CLEANING and Linda is going to miss it, what a shame. I'm glad you're getting stronger Brian, before you know it you'll be taking yourself outside for some fresh air. It's a beautiful day here but its supposed to rain for the next couple of weeks, thats ok because it will take all the dirty snow away. I'd like to give you a call but I think it would be better if you called us here, that way we're not disturbing you.

I miss you guys alot
Love Cindy

Anonymous said...

You can reach the KID at 416-340-3131/ ext.7363.

Older Kid

adair said...

Hey Brian! Just thought I would try out this fancy comment sheet! It's pretty busy here. You'd be proud of my hard work ;). There are 18 16x24s this week for canada post again. Remember that fun?! I miss you lots and really can't wait to see you. If I had a car I would come visit you. Sadly not too much has changed and I'm still lacking even a lisence. Surprised?? Anyways peace homie. Keep taking care of yourself and getting better; it finally sounds like things are really looking up. I'll see you soon enough! lots of love buddy.... adair xo
ps lindsey says hi :)