Thursday, March 5, 2009

No more ventilator

Talked to Mom a few minutes ago.

Dad's doing better today. He's off the ventilator. They also fed him 'normal' food today through a tube. He's urinating had improved as well.

He's still in ICU, but he'll be transferred to the step down unit (10th floor) tomorrow if his condition doesn't worsen.

The 10th floor is where dad and I were the first few days after surgery. Matter of fact, before dad was transferred to ICU, he was in my exact room from after the transplant... nice private corner room with a great view.

Slowly... things seem to be moving forward.


cindy said...

I know everybody at work will be so happy to know he is doing better.

I'm really glad I saw him last week as well. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Josh, I have been following your story and commend you for being there for your Dad - in so many ways. What a great way to honour him - a story blog. Your Mom is also much in my prayers - it would be hard to imagine just what she is going through - wife and best friend mother, business owner... the pressure to hold it all in must be very strong (I know her well:)You have been through a lot, your Dad even more - but your Mom carries a heavy burden and we need to hold her up in so many ways. Please be her soft place to land in all this - I know she needs it. She loves you all so much. I pray that God holds you all in His loving embrace and give to each what only He knows you need. Josh, when you see her, give your Mom a big hug and kiss for me. And let your Dad know he is stronger than he thinks - God knows. Blessings to you all. Jan Kupecz

Anonymous said...

Any new news?

Anonymous said...