Monday, April 20, 2009

Chels Visit

Chelsea was visiting a friend in Toronto this past weekend. Just before she left for home, she decided to stop by and visit dad.

Apparently he's still doing great! His legs got even thinner, somehow. When Chel first peaked in his room, all she could see were is legs. She said to herself, I must have the wrong room... that looks like old lady's legs. Nope - they were dad's.

He's consistently doing his rehab every day and he continues to make great progress. 10 days ago, he couldn't get out of bed by himself. When Chel was with him, he was so excited to show her that he could get out of bed, stand up, and get into his wheel chair! Phenomenal!

Hopefully only 4-5 more weeks of St John's Rehab before my dad can come home and continue rehab in Ottawa.


I saw Bryan Fukumoto on the weekend at a hockey tournament. He's doing very well! Up and about. As is his uncle (donor).


U.Paul said...

He must be enjoying his new found mobility as I can never get a hold of him!!!


cindy said...

Hi Brian,
I finally got the baking thing down pat, I can do it with no mess(or at least just a little). The only thing is I won't do marble or half and half, those two are just a pain in the you know what.
We're very busy right now so I have decided that Tuesday's I will do a small baking to help out Pam.
I'm glad that you are getting stronger because that means that you are getting closer to going home every day. We are all very anxious for you and Linda to come home and stay there. I will write again soon.

Love Cindy
and her staff(ha ha)