Friday, April 3, 2009


So by now you've all noticed my less frequent posting. LIfe's getting busy. I don't know how I kept this blog so up-to-date in the past... it seems like so much work now.

Anyhow, I do plan on posting at least once a week.

Yesterday, dad moved out of the hospital and into Rehab! EXCITING! One small step closer to getting back to normal. He even walked a few steps before leaving the hospital which is awesome news.

My dad has also shed 90% of the water that had accumulated in his abdomen and legs. He looks skinnier and scarier than ever, I could imagine.

One small scare... apparently he had some diarrhea the day he moved to St Johns Rehab. Pro - he got his own room in rehab. Con - he's in isolation. Hopefully it was just something he ate - which is likely given the fact that hospital food is nasty. But the attendants will keep a close eye on his in rehab.

Also - I found out earlier this week that an old acquaintance (Bryan Fukumoto) had a kidney transplant yesterday, in Ottawa. I'm not sure about his prognosis... if anyone knows, please post! We're praying for you and your family, Bryan!

You know, I'd never wish our situation on anyone... it was tough. But so much love and so much good has come from it. Its changed our lives for the better - and it was DEFINITELY worth it. Life changing. I feel lucky that I was given the opportunity to learn what I did. At one time, that reasoning seemed like a silver lining in the cloud. In hind sight, it was a sunny 35C the whole time.

Dad's new number: 416-226-6780 x1221

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Janet McClung said...

Hi Josh, Bryan Fukumoto is doing well and was to be released from hospital today (April 7). His uncle is also doing well with his recovery. So glad to hear about your Dad's excellent progress. We are keeping him in our prayers. A Very Happy Easter To The Whole Family!
Janet McClung