Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

Dad is doing sooo much better!

Usually when we visit dad, he's very weak, very tired, and its usually very depressing. I always tried to encourage dad. "OH dad! Look how great your legs look - they aren't as swollen!" or "Looks like your gaining a few pounds, dad!" At the time, I thought those things were true - I wanted them to be true. Maybe they were...

I told dad that it was starting to get difficult to encourage him. Dad said, "Josh - you really kept me going! If it weren't for you, I'd have given up by now." I continued to say that its so much easier now to encourage him - he's so obviously doing so much better. He said, "I know Josh! I feel it this time. I didn't feel it before - but I do now!"

But this time - holy man! Dad was actually looking, and feeling, a bazillion times better then he's ever looked before. He isn't swollen at all any more. His legs are like twigs (matches his shoulders and arms). And my dad was back to being himself completely! No weird comments that make you think twice. Just dad.

So amazing.

For the past few months, the doctors kept saying that dad needs to 'turn a corner'. Well he clearly, FINALLY has!

We (Becky, James, Chelsea and I) left Ottawa at 7am and made it to Toronto by 11am. Dad was so happy to see us! Later, he said that he had such a great morning getting all cleaned up and ready to see his kids. The anticipation was great.

We went for a walk around the rehab facility. Awesome property - I was able to get a few pretty cool photos. At one point, I forgot we were in the middle of Toronto.

My aunt Patty and my mom met up with us an hour or so later. It was good to see mom again. We all spent the afternoon together - I can't really remember what we did for all that time... but it was fun.

We ended the day by having Easter dinner together. We were able to use the cafeteria, even though it was closed. We joined two tables together and had Swiss Chalet takeout. Dad even said grace like he used to!


We said our goodbyes, then headed home. We got home around 10:30pm. Phenomenal day.


Even though Dad's spirits are back to normal and his body is finally back on the mend, he still has a long road of rehabilitation. My dad's only walked 10ft... using those rail-thingys in rehab. His legs are very weak. He can't stand on his own. They estimate my dad will be making incredible progress by May. Dad's goal is to be out by May 11th, his Birthday. But he's totally fine with staying if he has to. When he comes home this time, he wants to come home for good.

Here's all the pics from the trip:


Anonymous said...

That is so great to hear...I love all you guys :)

- Brad Klein

cindy said...

I miss you guys so much...I actually had to do 2 bakings this week because Pam had a few days off and we just kept on taking orders. You would have laughed out loud to see the mess I made in there, I forgot to put the shield on the big mixer and it was set on 2, everything was in my face, in my hair, on the floor, on the was all I could say. I managed to get all the cakes out without using the stool and they tasted great.
Your progress is fantastic, keep up the hard work and we will have you home in no time. Customers have been coming in and saying that they have been keeping up with the blog and your journey, they just want to wish you all the best and for you both to stay strong. I heard you had a special visitor, I'm glad Jean finally went up to see you. Everybody at work sends their love. Talk to you soon.