Thursday, October 1, 2009

Back under the knife

Dad got to Toronto fine yesterday for his appointment to have a stint put back in to his bile duct.  But when the doctors got their scope into his bile duct, they realized that since last week, the bile duct had healed completely shut.  So, they pulled out the scope and admitted my dad back to the infamous 7th floor.

He's a little disappointed because he was under the impression he'd only be in Toronto for a day.  He didn't bring much with him... and now he might be there for a week or so... maybe even longer.

The doctors aren't sure how they are going to handle the situation yet.  My dad is going through a ton of tests.  My dad heard the doc say something about going back into surgery to fix the problem, which dad isn't looking forward to.

This whole bile duct issue is a very common complication for living donor transplants.... which makes the situation a bit less stressful for the family.

Its been soooo great having dad home... and it was awesome reading back on the posts and seeing what life was like for us a year ago today... as nice as it is to recall some of those memories, I'd never want it to happen again.

If it turns out he needs surgery, Chel and I have decided we'll head back to Toronto to keep dad company.  I'll keep you all posted.

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