Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Surgery it is...

Hot off the press...  Discussions in a meeting this morning resulted in a likely decision to operate on dad to try and fix the duct. All 5 surgeons concurred and results look promising.

Not sure what else to say... I think this sucks for our family (stressful)... but this is so hot off the press that I haven't even had time to process.


Anonymous said...

Josh, you don't know me, but I do know your Mom and Dad from a long time ago (took courses from your Dad about 20 or so years ago, and shopped regularly at the Wellington St. store).

Brian was a bright light in my universe - so funny, and with, when he wanted to, an interestingly skewed way of expressing himself. My children were little at the time, and adored him (although we didn't let him know - didn't want him to get too swelled a head LOL) Your Mom was wonderful, and very supportive of my fledgling clothing business (sold at home parties - one of which was at your home).

I will be praying for your Dad's swift recovery from his most recent problems, and for God to give all of you the strength you need now. I know He will do what is right for all of you, especially after all that you have all gone through.

If you wish, you can pass on to your parents the best wishes and regards from a very long time customer.

Alana Raymond

Ruby Dulmage said...

Josh, I will be praying for your Dad during this operation. HE hasn't brought him this far to stop now. He will be OK. I pray for extra strength and a peace that passeth all understanding for all the family and a peace in your dad's heart as well.