Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Test

Yet another test - yesterday around noon. Not sure what for. Dad was given some sort of sedative. He said the test really tired him out. Didn't say anything else.

We enjoyed a great dinner on Wednesday night. Dad made vegetable and beef skewers. So freakin' delicious. Although it's pretty tough to watch my dad hobble around the house trying to make dinner, I'm so glad he's able to! I know he'd much rather be making his son and daughter-in-law dinner then laying in a bed in the hospital.

Immediately after dinner, can't-stand-still-Bloomfield had to take a walk. Dad has a real hard time staying still. He can't stand sitting around the house or feeling confined to the house. Furthermore, because his oxygen levels are low, he's nervous about becoming too lethargic around the house. That's why so many walks. It was great - we must have been moving at 0.2 miles/hr. Good conversation as well. Can't remember what - but I remember it felt good.

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