Thursday, August 14, 2008

More info from Toronto

I was finally able to spend some time on the phone with dad and talk in more detail about how things went in Toronto.

Great Bloomfield story - My dad was given a blue health card from the Toronto Hospital. He signed all the papers, received the card, then made his way to another floor in the hospital. When he arrived on the appropriate floor, he was asked to show his blue card. He somehow managed to misplace it while travelling between floors. So - he filled out the paper work again to receive a new card just to find his original card almost immediately after receiving his new card. Boy - can I relate to that story.

As mentioned earlier, my dad qualifies for a liver transplant. However, there are still more physical tests he must pass before the transplant can take place. Best case scenario is a 2 month waiting period. Worst case - up to 3 years. But my dad was told that is very unlikely.

The biggest issue at the moment is an ear/nose/throat infection he seems to have caught. As long as he is sick with this infection, they will not book the transplant. He needs to be in good health for the transplant.

In summary, my dad will remain in Ottawa with bi-weekly visits to the Toronto hospital for observation and tests. The final transplant date is yet to be booked and is dependant on the test results.

In the mean time, my dad is chillin' at home. He's asked me to pick up some DVD's and drop them off to him. I suppose he'll be watching lots of TV during this waiting period.

For those interested, I've posted links on the left for more info on the liver transplant unit at the Toronto Hospital including an animation of the transplant. Not going to lie - I wish I hadn't watched the animation. It's not graphic - just makes me queezy.

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