Saturday, August 16, 2008

Camp and Death by Egg McMuffin

I got a call at 8am today. It was dad. Usually he calls for no reason. "Hey son! You working? How's Chel? Alright - see you later!" It's sooo freaking annoying sometimes. But I know I'll miss it one day.

On this particular occasion, he was calling to ask if I wanted to go to camp with him for the day. I took him up on the offer seeing as I hadn't been to camp once yet this summer. And I'm all for spending one on one time with my dad. He stopped by my house 30min later and we were on our way.

I had to drive as my dad was feeling a little light headed. Because his lungs are still surrounded by fluid, he has a difficult time breathing and a difficult time keeping his oxygen at a sufficient level. He gets tired really quickly.

As we were nearing Arnprior, my dad asked if I was interested in breakfast. I was game.

You know when people ask a question, but ask it in a tone where you can tell the answer they want to hear back? My dad asked one of those questions. "You feel like a quick breakfast? Or... a big... drawn out breakfast?" He obviously wanted a quick breakfast.

His next comment shocked me. "You want MacDonald's?"

What the flip!?! My liver is fine and I still feel like I'm going to die after I have McDonald's! I started having visions of that dumb McDonald's clown beating the crap of my dad - just feedin' it him.

Hesitantly, I replied, "Sure."

We had a quick bite - he had an Egg McMuffin.

Afterwards, he proceeds to tell me that the Egg McMuffin alone was worth over 50% of his daily Salt allowance (my dad has to be very careful about how much salt he eats).

On one hand, I was a little ticked that my dad was foolish enough to eat McDonald's. But, on the other hand, the dude hasn't had a decent meal in so long. He weighs 160lb and falling. He used to weigh 240lb. He loved his food.

In the end, I was glad he was able to enjoy a little McDonald's. I just hope it doesn't kill him.

Our day at camp was a short one - only a few hours. My dad couldn't sit still. Almost as soon as we got there, he asked if I wanted to go the chip wagon with him. It felt like only a few minutes went by that he wanted to go back home. In reality, the whole time at camp was about 3 hours.

Great day at camp, dad! I love car trips with you!

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