Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You've never tried beer?

I love food. And there's nothing like a great, home-made, gourmet, sky-high, grilled-to-perfection sandwich. Its this very principal upon which Brad Klein and I have based our 18 year friendship.

Every so often, Klein and I get together and make sandwiches at his parent's place. This particular time must have been back around the late 90's, early 00's... (early 2100's??). We always had great conversations over sandwich making. On this occasion, we were talking about alcohol. Klein could not believe I had never had even a sip of alcohol before. He asked me why. And I replied the same way I replied to anyone else asking that question... "I don't know... it kinda smells bad."

The reality is, I have no idea what drove me (and still drives me) not to drink. It's not based on my faith, although it may have been at one point when I was younger. Many of my church friends today have an occasional social drink - some more than others (Bor-cough-tot... I'm joking dude, calm down).

Somehow - here I am. 26 and I've never had a drink - and I have no idea why. But how cool would it be if it all came down to this situation right here. What if, this entire time, it was for my dad.

God, please let me be a match!

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