Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm overflowing with emotion. I can not possibly express my appreciation enough to all you who prayed for my dad this evening at Bethel.

Typically, my family and I go to the Sunday evening service at Bethel Church, although lately it's been a harder habit to keep. I used to lead the music on a regular basis, but I've since taken a step back from 'full-time' church involvement. Despite my step back, thanks to the graceful and loving leadership of the Blakely's, I'm still allowed to lead the music every-so-often. I love doing it! It's what I live for!

Tonight was the first time I had lead music at Bethel for 5-6 weeks. It was a great feeling to be leading again at my home church. It almost feels like the longer I go between engagements, the more intense the experience and the better I feel I lead the music.

Tonight was even better as David Blakely (senior pastor) planned a prayer meeting for my dad immediately after the service. It was an opportunity for those interested to gather around my dad and agree in prayer for a miraculous healing.

Over 40 people showed up - at least! My mom was overwhelmed by the response! So was I.

When your in a situation like the one we're in, it so easy to believe the worst - to believe your alone, that no one cares, that this situation is only going to end badly. But seeing your faces in that room was a reminder that all those thoughts are lies! We aren't alone! People do genuinely care about my dad's well being! My dad is going to be okay! We are going to be okay!

And your prayers were so thoughtful! So full of faith! So encouraging!

Thank you so much to all of you who showed up! YOU NEED TO KNOW - even if that was all you could do for my family was show up that one time, it made all the difference in the world!

Bethel family - we love you so much! And please don't let our absence be interpreted otherwise!

Also - to those of you who may have tried to talk to my dad this evening or have been trying to get intouch with my dad over the phone, please know that because of his oxygen levels, its difficult for him to find the energy to return calls or carry on conversations packed with details on his situation. If he was short with you, it was only because of his low energy levels and his 'oh-so-cozy' Bloomfield social skills. He loves all of you and appreciates your concern very much! If you see him again, please give him a hug and tell him your praying for him. If you want more juicy details, feel free to ask myself or my mom (Linda).

Again - thank you so much!

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