Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fruit Cake

Just got in from baking fruit cake with my dad and my Uncle Paul at the bakery. Dad didn't do any work - just bossed Paul and I around. It was fun. Started at 7am.

Best fruit cake in the city - Artistic Cake Design!

Funny story. Not sure if this is a symptom of liver failure, but my dad's sense of taste and smell are going wonky. When we walked into the bakery after the fruit cake had been baking for a few hours, it smelled incredible! But the first thing my dad says is, "It smells like cheese in here!". Poor dad! Believe me - I don't like fruit cake that much, but it did not smell like cheese in the bakery.

Not sure when I'm leaving for Toronto. I'd like to leave later today, but I'll most likely leave early tomorrow morning. I'll try my best to keep you all posted throughout my assessments.

Hopefully by this time next week, we'll have a surgery day booked!

God, please go before me during these assessments. Give me the will power to stay as healthy as I can for dad.

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