Saturday, November 8, 2008


I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness. We've got such amazing friends! And such a wonderful God!

Today was an incredible day. Friends of ours dropped off a gift bag of goodies to help us on our trip to TO. Magazine's, snacks, Esso gift cards... so incredibly thoughtful! Chelsea cried. I'm so emotionless these days that I had a hard time expressing my thankfulness. I was so overwhelmed.

Moreover... We had my parents over for dinner where I delivered an envelope that was delivered to me from an anonymous donor. My parents could not stop sobbing with joy when they opened the anonymous envelope with $1000 in cash.

"I was so down on myself today," my mom said, crying. "But isn't God so good!".

It was so great to see them cry like that. It was as if they were yelling at the top of their lungs, "We're going to be alright!"... except with just some tears and a smile.

Whoever that was - my parents want you to know that they are so grateful for your sacrifice and your warm hearts!


I don't wish the situation I'm going through on anyone. However, God forbid a similar situation take place in the lives of any of you, Chel and I can't wait to show you the kind of love that has been shown to us! Can't wait!

I think the only thing better than receiving the kind of love we've received is having the chance to be the one giving that love.


Jeremy said...

Crap. I asked that delivery kid to take my thousand dollars and buy adult movies and cash for life lottery tickets. Someone owes me a thousand bucks. Never trust teenagers.


Josh Bloomfield said...