Friday, November 14, 2008

Ink of the Holy Spirit!

The morning we left for Toronto (last Sunday), I needed to print some directions from google maps. But, I knew I was out of ink. A few weeks earlier, I tried printing a photo from our printer and no black ink was used. I was absolutely, positively sure we were out of ink. I can even show you the photo that I tried to print that didn't end up printing entirely because there was no ink.

I was pretty desperate for the directions to print. I thought to myself, "God, if you print these directions, I promise I'll post to the blog about the 'Ink of the Holy Spirit'."

Sure enough... the directions printed PERFECTLY! I'm talking PERFECT - not a single blemish - no indication at all that the printer was even low on ink!



Dad's doing fine these days, by the way. He sounds alittle winded when I speak to him on the phone, but thats normal these days.

I'm supposed to get together with him and mom tomorrow for dinner and to discuss my assessments.

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