Sunday, November 9, 2008

Safe in TO

Chel and I arrived safely in Toronto today around 2pm. Yay for four hour car rides listening to old school New Kids on the Block while your wife is doing the original NKOTB dances in the front seat. Shoot me directly in the face.

Chillin at the Marriott Courtyard on Yonge Street. Sweet hotel. Great rate because I'm a patient at the hospital. But for some odd reason, the bathroom in our room is split up in such a way that you go to the bathroom in one corner of the room, and wash your hands in the other corner. Therefore, you have to walk across the entire room in order to wash your hands. So, we've adopted a procedure: after going to the bathroom, one must walk across the room with one's dirty hands in the air repeating audibly, "Unclean!" This ensures no dirty digits contaminate the room or either of us.

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