Friday, November 7, 2008


Talked to Dad last night. They got back around noonish.

Dad says the appointment was just a checkup. The doctors in Toronto want to stay on top of my dad's situation and stay apprised on any changes in his health.

My dad found out that he's number SEVENTEEN on the liver transplant list. The list has over three hundred names. The doctor said my dad's position on the list could change depending on my assessment as a living donor or the availability of a deceased liver that may not match other recipients higher on the list then dad.

Oh - I forgot to mention this earlier. My dad's actually been given a pager from the Toronto General Hospital. I didn't even know he had it until I saw it on the kitchen table last weekend. He must have received it the week prior. This pager will only be used to page dad the moment a liver is available. When the beeper goes off, my dad has only hours to get himself to Toronto for surgery. Pretty cool!

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