Monday, November 2, 2009

ANOTHER Operation

Holy Moses! Dad's seriously going through some hell. He called my on Saturday and said that he'd had ANOTHER operation.

So, in total:

Operation 1 - 10hr insane operation to fix his liver with his colon tissue 
Operation 2 - 10hr operation to fix internal bleeding and clean him out 
Operation 3 - 4hr operation to clean (this past weekend)  

I said to Chel's parents yesterday - imagine dad's medical bill in the US right now... we'd be bankrupt before the transplant - let alone the transplant and all the subsequent care, medication and operations. CANADA ROCKS!  

Dad's doing good. They're saying he might come home at the end of the week. He's pretty independent at the hospital - he gets around on his own... he's doing well. One thing thats really bugging him is the pain in his abdomen. Imagine having your insides pulled out THREE TIMES in three weeks. Apparently its very painful. Keep that in prayer.  

Thanks for checking up on dad.


Elizabeth said...

More operations! We are praying ALL the time for your dad.

Jim, Elizabeth, Albert & Nicolas Carty

Stephanie said...

Wow...we're praying that the operations are all done and Brian and focus on getting better to play with his granddaughter!

Love to you and your fams..

Steph & Kor