Friday, November 6, 2009

On his way home!?!?!

I'm a bit surprised - but dad's on his way home today.  The doc's are sure that he's good to come home.  All my dad's blood work is back to normal for the first time since the weeks after his transplant.  There was one liver enzyme count that was over 3700 a few weeks ago... the doctors seriously couldnt' figure out how dad was alive.  Its now down to 200 (very close to normal - which I think is 150)!

He's still pretty weak - but we're hoping that this is it... that dad is finally home for good...  Pray that it is!  We've had enough of this!!!!!  He says he feels great.  But part of me wonders if he's saying that just so he can come home - not that I'd blame him... doesn't matter how nice the hospital is... a hospital is a hospital.


Amanda said...

Can't wait to see him!

LNA said...
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Justin Other Smith said...

Congratulations....'n congrats on sharing the news because there are others who decide to just give up and they need to hear the success stories.