Thursday, November 26, 2009

First good report

For the first time in, well, I can't remember... Dad got a great report back from Toronto.  Typically, its "Mr Bloomfield, your liver enzymes are through the roof." or "Mr Bloomfield, your potassium is at lethal levels... we may need to see you again..."

Dad called me yesterday and said in a nervous tone, "Josh - your not going to believe what Toronto just said."  I was soooo scared... I thought it was going to be, "Mr Bloomfield, it looks like we put your liver in backwards."

Thankfully, it was, "Mr Bloomfield, we're pleased to report that all your blood levels are either normal or very close to normal.  Every level is on its way to being back the way it was supposed to be."  Keep in mind that my dad's liver levels haven't been normal is 10-20 years, because of the hep-c.  This is a first for dad.

I'm thinking that a few more weeks of these great levels, some exercise, and some great family time, dad will be  ... well, I was going to say back to his old self, but that's not true.  He'll be on a whole new level of awesomeness with his new liver.

So, all is well!  Looks like we've weathered the worst of the storm.


Stephanie said...

We honestly can't believe that it's almost been a year since the!!!!

Anonymous said...

So great to hear! Blessings


Anonymous said...

Josh, I am so happy and thankful that your dad is doing better. I was happy to see him on two occasions - one was when Pastor Upton had his sing-along a few weeks ago, and I'm glad he left before everyone got to him after the service - you don't want him to catch anything. The other was on December 5 when he came to the Singing Christmas Tree and you were so happy to go say hello and tell him that you love him. He is not my father, but I am so happy that he is alive and well today. Thank God for miracles, because you and he are miracles. God bless you both.

如何 said...
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Anonymous said...

Nothing new?