Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dad's back in the hospital... not this again...

Just got a call from mom 2 min ago. Dad's being rushed to the nearest hospital.

Prayer time.

Since the operation, dad has accumulated a lot of fluid below his stomach (including his groin, legs and feet). He's also been complaining about his trips to the bathroom.

Finally, today my dad asked to see a specialist. When the specialist took one look at the extent of the bloating, she immediately suggested he be taken to a hospital for further examination.

Dad's pretty discouraged. He's trying so hard to get better. I'm sure it doesn't help him to see me doing so well. He probably asks himself, "Why is my son back to life as usual, but I'm still so sick?"

Dad's got to stop thinking that he's recovering from a minor operation. He needs to realize that he's recovering from a fatal illness that required one of his organs to be replaced. His recovery is going to be a much longer process than mine.

And this definitely isn't taking a step back. My dad has come SO far from where he was before the surgery. He's doing so much better. This is just a bump in the road.

Anyway, I'll keep you all posted as I get info from my mom and dad on the situation.

God - keep my dad's spirits up. Remind him that your in charge and that you're looking after him. You always have. Give the doctors wisdom and knowledge to come to a quick diagnosis.

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Steph and Kory said...

We are praying...
Love you guys