Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More pics

I was finally able to get my hands on the pictures from my sisters camera. WARNING - There are some pretty rough photos of dad. Just a heads up. No blood and guts... just dad looking pretty crappy.

Dad is doing great. Just tried to call him but I couldn't get through.

My dad used to struggle with some pretty depressing thoughts in the evening, during his earlier recovery in the Toronto General. But, since he's been in St John's rehab, my dad's recovery has gone much better - and his depression is completely gone.

My mom and dad both believe its because this rehab hospital is covered with some Holy Spirit power. The entire organization is Christian run. All nuns. They pray for the patients, have healing chapel services, and even take the patients to church on Sundays. Its done wonders for my dad's recovery.

My recovery is going well - despite my cold/flu. It doesn't hurt so much to sneeze anymore.

WEIRD though - I started applying some vitamin E oil on my scar to help it heal better. Well, last night I noticed weird pimply looking bumps on my scar. I thought they were pimples. Chel said, "No no... its nothing"... then proceeded to be grossed out by my wicked awesome scar.

Today while I was working, one of these 'pimples' started to bleed. It was sick. No pain. Anyway, needless to say, I've stopped with the vitamin E crap.

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Brandi said...

It's amazing what the power of the Holy Spirit can do eh? Even when you're not expecting it, it makes the biggest difference, just in the atmosphere alone, not to mention the people working there.