Sunday, January 18, 2009

Family Night

Tonight was great.

The weekend before my dad took ill in late November, we as a family decided to start a tradition that was long overdue - family night. We agreed that every Sunday afternoon or night would be dinner, games and a movie at our place.

The first weekend we did it was amazing. So therapeutic. Chelsea says that she's never seen a family laugh so much together. I'm not sure why we laugh so much - but we do.

Since the operation, Becky, James and I haven't seen much of each other. So we decided to get together today and continue the family night tradition even though mom and dad aren't here to share it with us.

We picked up some fajita making supplies and a movie.

Just before dinner, we thought we'd get mom and dad on speaker phone and see how their doing. Mom and dad weren't together at the time so we had to make to separate calls. First was dad.

He was soooo happy to hear from his kids. He said, "I miss you guys so much. I try not to think about you guys to much because if I do, I'm afraid I'll fall apart." THAT was so hard to hear. We miss dad so much!

So - Chel and I have an appointment this Thursday in Toronto. We're trying to convince James and Becky into taking the day off and surprising mom and dad in Toronto. It would be so amazing! It would really lift dad's spirits.

Dad's doing well. He's realized that he's still very sick and he's willing to be more patient and realistic about his recovery. Whatever was wrong with him when he left St Johns Rehab has corrected itself and the plan is for dad to head back to rehab tomorrow.

After the call with dad, we called mom. She's doing great. She was so happy to hear that her kids were getting together and continuing the family night tradition. "It brings joy to my heart!" were her words.

Family night - so key. So important to remember what's most important in life. Love. Love God and Love People.

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Amanda said...

So happy to hear things are working out. I was really worried about Brian the last couple of days. Can't wait to hear he is at home!