Thursday, January 1, 2009


416-340-3131 ext 7363 - !!NUMBER NO LONGER IN SERVICE!!

CALL DAD! He's alone in Toronto until Sunday. He's doing better, but emotionally, he's very low. Call him and encourage him! Tell him how great he's doing! Ask lots of questions and keep him on the phone. He needs to hear all your encouragement.

Mom left Toronto yesterday and his now home squaring up some stuff with the business for the new year. She'll be on the road back to Toronto on Sunday AM.

My recovery is going well. I'm still walking a little crooked and I can't sleep completely on my back. I can only sleep on my side or on my back with pillows to keep me elevated. My incesion is healing well. Chel and I discovered that I actually have a massive gap on the left side of my chest where my liver used to be.

It feels so weird. I can feel that somethings missing... I think that's why I walk weird.

I just finished collecting all the pictures from our two camera's. I've made an album for you all to see how our experience unfolded. I've added lots of captions to help tell the story. My sister still has many photos on her camera which I still need to get. There are also some videos that I'll post shortly.

Don't forget - call dad!


Anonymous said...


Called your dad and chatted with him until his therapist came. I am an old friend and fellow hep least so far. I haven't ever heard Brian sound so...calm and positive about his life in the forty odd years I have known him. I told him that you, his wife and the rest of his family deserve the Mother Theresa Award for not only sticking with him but believing in him more than he did. Josh you are of course without peer. Great story, awesome family.



Uncle P said...

J & C....
Called KID last night and he asked when I was bringing him some watermelon!! He sounds so much like the 'REAL Brian' now, but he sure can't wait to get up walking. Imagine Brian 'talking' on the phone? I think the longest conversation I've had with him in his life was 1 he won't shut up!!!

Love Ya and your Angel Mom,