Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trip to Toronto

Dad's been shipped back to rehab as of yesterday. His new digits are:

416-226-6780 ext 1241

He's doing better than he was when he left rehab for the hospital. But he's generally in low spirits because he misses his family and he's frustrated at the length of his recovery.

Chelsea and I are off to Toronto tomorrow morning headed for the Toronto General hospital. I have my 1 month checkup appointment with my surgeon. I'm hoping to get the photos of the surgery from him as well. CRAZY!

Pray for a safe trip.


Anonymous said...

Josh, Brian and Linda and family:
I really hope that I can meet you all someday. I go to Gateway in the Sault. I have read your site daily and our church continues to pray that the Lord would hold you all up in this time. You have come a long way and I pray that the Lord helps you all and restores your strength. Keep your eyes on the Lord and not on the storm and the love of God will keep you all warm. ONE DAY AT A TIME, ONE STEP AT A TIME AND JUST FOR TODAY.
May God continue to bless you all in the perfect way he does..

Best wishes to you all.
Susie Celetti

Kid said...

called Brian today - correct ext to reach him is 1281

johnny beee goooood said...

hello folks;
having grown up with paul and brian I can truly say that bloomfields= good folks
paul and brian like gary were all amazing athletes with great strength and prowess;add linda and gail you have siblings with honest fortitude and inner strength
much like an atristic cake receipe;

bloomfield receipe;
1 cup of spirituality
1 cup of inner fortitude
1 cup of strength
1 cup of tight family support
1 cup of community support
1 dash of sugar for sweetness

now you have their receipe
a formidable family to help each other in times like this
well wishes and best regards
john mclean