Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home safely

Got home safely yesterday at 7pm. We left Toronto at noon. We stopped every hourish so I could walk for a few minutes (to help prevent blood clots). I also had to wear my pressure stockings again. That made me feel real cool.

The doctor in Toronto freaked me out. She told me that some of the only cases where blood clots have formed in patients after a surgery were after young patients, like myself, have driven home from Toronto to Ottawa. So, I took the hourly walks, leg exercises and stockings very seriously.

Thanks so much to Jeremy, Charleen and family for helping get us and all our stuff home safely.

When we got home, we were greeted by all our friends. Even though Chel and I were both tired, we were so glad to see friends and be home that we partied all night. We even went and saw a late show at the Barrhaven Cineplex - Seven Pounds.

If you haven't seen Seven Pounds and you don't know what its about, just go see it. If you find out what its about before you see it, it will ruin the movie completely. Chel, my brother and I saw it in Toronto shortly after I was released from the hospital. The three of us were a wreck at the end of the movie. So good! Go see it!

So glad to be home.


We visited dad yesterday and he's doing amazing. Its the first day we've visited him and he hasn't been confused or emotional. He was himself again! It was so great to see.

Last I heard, the hospital was trying to release him to a rehab facility (St Johns Rehabiliation in Willowdale, Toronto). Rehab will help my dad become more independent before being placed back in my mom's care. At the moment, he's having a difficult time getting up on his own, walking, etc.

I'll check with mom in Toronto later today and keep you all posted.

God - thank you so much for taking care of dad and I! Thank you so much that I was able to give my dad a second chance. Continue to give mom strength and stamina to be the wife she needs to be during this difficult rehabilitation process.

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Steve said...

So glad you guys are home safe & sound, Gail and I went to see Seven Pounds last night too! (we took in the early show for seniors) what a movie, everyone who has followed this blog should go and see this movie, it's amazing, bring Kleenex