Sunday, October 26, 2008

Get a new job

Just got back from visiting dad. He's still in ER, observation, bed 15. He's number 5 on the waiting list for a bed.

He's up and walking around, but in short spurts. His stomach is huge. He looks like he's about to go into labour. And with his plad shirt and suspenders, he looks like he's in full redneck apparel.

Mentally, he's doing a bit better today. But on the whole, he's really growing impatient - as any one would. He just wants this whole thing done and over with.

He's constantly complaining about how cold he is. He loves my sweaters so I always offer them to him each time I visit.


One thing we're finding is that the nurses at the Ottawa hospital are very touch and go. I'd say 1 out of 3 nurses are actually kind and courteous. The rest lack any kind of tact or patience - qualities that, in my opinion, are key given their job description. My mom stepped into my dad's observation room. The moment she stepped in, a nurse hollered, "two visitors at a time please!".

My mom responded with, "But I just got here."

"Well..." the nurse remarked so freakin' rudely, rolling her eyes like we were idiots.

Well what!?! Jeeze louize lady! There's three people in a cubicle observation room for 7 seconds and your going to have a conniption over it? I understand that there are rules, but there are more respectful and tactful ways of communicating them. Get a new job!

I didn't actually say any of that. But I was thinking it!

On top of that, a rent-a-cop who saw my camera pulled me aside a few minutes later and said, "Excuse me - your not permitted to take photographs in the hospital. If I see you taking pictures, I'm going to have to confiscate your camera."

"So, I'm not allowed taking any pictures anywhere in the hospital? Even in my dad's room once he is admitted?" I said.

"No sir. Hospital policy."

I hate douche bag power trippers. I've really had enough of them. 3 most common power trippers: rent-a-cops; retail clothing store managers; IT managers.


Dad's waiting in ER until he gets a room. Until he gets a room, he's supposed to have a visit with the Ottawa liver doctor and have a few extra tests done to make sure everything is okay.

The tentative plan is to get well enough to ship back down to Toronto. My dad wants to be in the Toronto ER, not the Ottawa ER. It may help speed up the donor process.

Please drop in and visit while you can! He'd love your company. Only two at a time though.

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