Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Just heard from Dad.

He was released from ER midway through the day. The tests and x-rays showed that nothing at all was wrong with dad, except a belly full of fluid which is nothing to worry about as long as my dad is careful with his medication and diet.

They made both their appointments today and both went very well. My dad is so excited!

The head doctor himself said that after the last test on Friday, my dad will 99.99% be on the transplant list. He'll know for sure on Monday of next week. Once dad gets the official notice, he's allowed to come home to Ottawa. The Toronto doctors will airlift him back to TO as soon as the surgery is booked.

Dad said, "We cancelled your [Josh's] appointment on November 12. We have a number you have to call 'immeditosisly' to reschedule for a much earlier time."

'Immeditosisly' now joins 'I have no ass hole' in the vocabulary of a dying Bloomfield.

PEOPLE. I'm starting to get a little anxious about this. Of course I'll give dad half my liver. I'm kind of obliged to as he's my dad - and the most awesomest dad ever - with or without an ass hole. But it's so much easier said then done. I hate hospitals, needles, IVs, short-fat-indian nurses (see 'Nurses Who Suck' on the left bar)...

Straight up - I don't want to talk about it until the moments I'm being wheeled in. So don't mention it to me - unless you want to pray for me.

I'm assuming that my appointment will be bumped up to be sometime in the next two weeks. If I get approved as a donor, I'm assuming it will only be a matter of days before the surgery. Oh boy. This is so awesome for dad.

Shortly, I feel this blog will transforming from 'the story of my dying dad' to 'confessions of a dying dad's wimpy son'.

If I actually do this surgery, I'm totally getting a sweet tattoo... a dotted line outlining the scar with the little scissor icon near the bottom of the outline with the text, "For dad's liver, cut here."


Anonymous said...

You a bit of a pansy-boy or what!!?? You'll be a freakin hero Josh.....what will Brian's body think of having such a healthy body-part?


Ali said...

hehe...people have been known to draw on themselves before sx. You def should draw the scissor outline...they will get a kick out of that. Love you guys

Josh Bloomfield said...

U.Paul - Baaa hahahahah! Awesome. I'm sure dad's body will appreciate it.

Ali - Its going down. Then maybe after, you and Chel can draw on eachother?