Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good news - for once!

Just got in from visiting pops.

First things first... I told my dad about all the overwhelming emails/messages we've been receiving about the blog and my dad's situation. I wish so badly that you all could experience his emotional response. As I was telling him, his whole demeanor relaxed, his eyes glistened and his chin twitched. Then he turned his head away to collect himself. All he could say was, "Wow... isn't that amazing!" He was soo overwhelmed and so encouraged by all your kind thoughts and words! Thank you so much!

If you all don't mind, I'd like to post a blog entry of all the kind emails and thoughts we've received so you can all share in the encouragement. I'm also going to print it and share it with my dad. I'm sure its something that he will keep close as he progresses through this battle.

Finally! Good news! On Oct 6, my dad began to receive visits from a man only known to us as, "the lung doctor". Whoever this guy is, he's a freakin legend. First thing he said when he walked in the room was, "What the? They've hooked this [referring to the chest tube] up all wrong!" I was a little angered at first. Who hooked what up wrong? But it became obvious over the next couple minutes that this dude knows his stuff and he was here to correct mistakes and give my dad some proper treatment. He quickly reconnected my dad properly and started draining his chest.

He explained, "Someone screwed up and drained way to much from your dad's chest a few nights ago. In the process, somehow, his chest cavity has filled back up with air and more water. So, I've hooked this device up properly and we'll be suctioning 400-500 units of fluid/air from his chest every 4 hours until he's empty."

Today (2 days later), the lung doctor confirmed that there hasn't been a single trace of fluid or air in my dad's chest cavity since that procedure on Monday. Furthermore, he says that if the chest cavity is still clean by tomorrow, they are going to remove the chest tube and send him home for Thanksgiving Dinner! How incredible is that! My dad is so excited.

The catch (of course) is that we'll have to drive him to the ER in Toronto first thing after Thanksgiving dinner. Heck - there's even a chance we'll have to take him before Thanksgiving even arrives. Once we're in Toronto, a new chapter begins!

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