Saturday, October 11, 2008

Vacate the pool!

Just called my dad's cell and was greeted with an enthusiastic, "Heeelllo!" It was mom. She sounded amazing. I can't tell you how great it is to hear joy in my parents voice for once. The tone in both their voices for the past few weeks (and understandably so) had undertones of hopelessness and surrender. But not this time!

My mom said they had just walked from their beautiful hotel to the 'Scarborough Town Centre Mall'. My dad couldn't walk back (because he gets tired quickly) so my mom walked back to the hotel to grab the truck.

When my dad got on the line, I asked him how he was doing.

"Oh great, son! We had dinner last night but I threw it up 5min later which wasn't good. It didn't even smell bad. Just smelled like dinner. But, I was unconscious all night [embellishing]. I slept like a rock - first time in a while. Mom was so happy. This morning, we took a trip to the hospital to make sure we could get there. We're about 30min away. I woke up feeling great this morning. I wanted to go swimming, but I was afraid to go in. If anyone saw me in the pool right now they'd probably freak out. I'm full of scars, I'm skin and bone, and I have no ass hole! They'd probably start yelling, vacate the pool!"

I laughed hysterically. I'm not sure why my dad's ass hole (or lack of one) would be exposed to the general public when he's swimming. How does one even lose one's ass hole? I think he's talking about how because he's skin and bone, he doesn't have a bum anymore - just lots of flabby skin.

Scary comparison, I know, but a few months ago, mom said, "He looks like a concentration camp prisoner... I have to look away when he takes off his clothes and gets into bed. I get scared if I look."

Anyway, mom and dad are in good spirits and enjoying what I'm sure we'll be short-lived, but well deserved, time alone.

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