Tuesday, October 14, 2008

They made some magic for us!

Great news! Dad met with the doctor and the appointment went really really well. My mom says, "They made some magic for us!"

They had their appointment today at 1:45pm with Dr Renner - the head transplant doctor. When my parents arrived for their appointment they were greeted by two nurses who were very happy to see Brian again. They said, "If we knew you were coming, we would have arranged more appointments for your during the week. Lets see what we can do..."

The nurses went to work and were about to book three more appointments for my dad.

Wednesday, Oct 15, 12:30pm - Transplant Coordinator
Wednesday, Oct 15, 2:00pm - Social Worker
Friday, Oct 17 - Ultrasound

By Tuesday of next week, Dr Renner is confident that my dad will be on the official transplant list! This means that as soon as a liver is available, my dad's surgery can be arranged.

Their appointment today was with the head doctor and with the anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist has a few very minor concerns about performing major surgery on my dad. They found a minor issue with his heart (a leaking valve? - apparently very common in liver patients) and mentioned some concern about his Kidney's. But all in all, they were both confident that my dad will do just fine!

Next week, I head to Toronto to relieve my mom of dad-duty for a few days. Hopefully, my appointment (scheduled for Nov 12) can be bumped up to sometime next week. As soon as I'm confirmed as a donor (which shouldn't be long, though I'm not sure of the timeline), I'm hoping we can be in surgery within a couple weeks.

Mom says, "Tell everyone on the blog I say hi!"

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