Saturday, October 25, 2008

'Its one big vicious circle...'

Everytime I see my dad's caller ID on my phone, I know its always one of two things: a random call from dad to say hi or a call from mom that he's on his way to the ER again. My gut drops everytime the phone rings.

He's on his way to the ER again. He's complaining about heaviness in his chest and liver pain. The ambulance arrived about 10min ago and took my dad's vitals. Everything is fine including his blood pressure and his oxygen levels. They let my dad know that because he's stable, he is not a high priority case and will most likely lie in the stretcher in ER for a few hours before anything is taken care of.

I haven't shared this on the blog previously... but the day after my dad returned from Toronto, I got really sick. And there was no way I was going to risk getting him sick, so I haven't visited him since he got back. I'm still not 100% better so I'd rather wait to see him. It's so hard not seeing him... especially now. I know all he wants is some company and some encouragement.

Anyway... here we are again in the Ottawa Hospital... a vicious circle I am determined to bring to an end in a few weeks.

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