Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another world

Just got back from visiting dad. He's on another planet. Not sure if its the pain meds, his infection or a build up of toxins in his body. But its becoming very obvious that this transplant has to go down soon.

Ever since I was honest with my parents about my fears regarding the transplant, both have been sceptacle about going through the procedure with me as the donor. When I visited dad last night, he repeated over and over that he the decision to go through with the transplant was totally up to me and that I didn't have to do it if I didn't want to. He was being so humble - especially for someone who will literally die if he doesn't get a transplant soon.

I replied to him, "Dad! Listen - if it were your dad who was dying, would you give him your liver?"

Dad started to cry and said, "Wow son - I would! I get it now! I get why you have to do this!"

When my sister arrived, my dad kept saying, "Becky - Josh woke me up! I've had a revelation!" He's really excited.

Please keep praying that my dad will stay healthy, that God will keep my nerves at bay and that God will give both Chelsea and mom strength and peace moving forward.

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Jeremy said...

Dude. If the hospital doesn't get on it and give him your damn liver, I'll fight the doctors. And if they don't and his liver keeps sucking, I'll fight his liver. Or I'll fight Becky because it'd be a sweet fight. Either way - I'll fight someone for you and your family. Prayers and fisticuffs are with you.

Love Jeremy.

P.S. Becky - it's nothing personal. You're just tougher than Josh or Jamie.

P.S.S Jamie it's nothing personal.