Friday, December 19, 2008


Today Josh was great!
Brian was not.

As far as recovering is going, Brian is still doing great. He was moved today from ICU to ACU and is starting to come off all the crazy meds they had him on. Unfortunatly Brian's "bad day" was much worse then Josh's. He was basically confused all day. He didnt understand where he was, he couldnt figure out how to eat and he was halucinating. When Josh and I went in to see him he was pretty bad. He kept saying "wait a minute...Josh..." and then he would just look so confused. Like he wanted to say something but couldnt figure out how. Then, like father like son, he gave me the Bloomfield death eyes! He wins the death eyes award. Im pretty sure he burned a hole in me. It was sad/scary. He kinda of put his finger up like "I think I know you...I just cant figure out why..". He also kept pushing his feet against the end of his bed saying "how many times do I have to do this!". We think he thought that was his call button for his nurses. Its hard in a time like that to know if you should laugh or be serious. Especially when you are on an emotional roller coaster all week. Literally! Its a rollder coaster ride every single day. you never know what you'll walk into that day. I think this was a serious time though. Linda found it very hard. She told me at the end of the night, that even though he didnt understand where he was or what was going on he looked at her and said "you're supposed to be here with me." He knew she was the one that stands beside him.

On a good note, Josh was unhooked from everyhing today! A free man! He took a shower and walked all over the place. Cailin also came in and showed him how to give himself the needle he has to do for the next 5 weeks. eewww. Cant handle that. I think he can do it though.

After all he's been through, I know he can do it.

He got his bandages changed, so we got the first full look at the scar. We know you are all wondering what it looks like, so of course there is a pic.

So we're hoping tomorrow will be a better day for Brian.
As for Josh, I cant believe Im saying this but....
We're hoping for some farts!
If the gasses start moving he will hopefully be out on Sunday, but for once in his life he isnt farting so we are looking at maybe Monday.
Who would have thought?


Jeremy said...

Dude, fart already! Do it like only Josh Bloomfield can! Remember, they come in pairs. They DO move in herds.

Love Jer

Nancy, Peter and Jess (family of Ali) said...

Chelsea, Josh, Brian & family, we just want to say we have been thinking of all of you and are keeping you in our prayers. We're so amazed at how you're handling this healing journey. It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." So true, and that strength comes when we need it most. God bless you all (and thank you for allowing us to be kept in the loop via the wonders of technology!)

Take care,

The Lauzons