Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello from the other side!

Hey everyone - Josh here. Its great to be back.

First off, my experience last week was hell on earth. Some of it was a blur, all of it was terrible and I pray to God that I never have to have surgery again. I'd love to go ahead and post all my experiences and fill in on all the blanks, but I'd rather wait a bit before I start to delve into the details because at the moment, I'd just as soon forget it ever happened. Rest assured, I've made a few point form posts so I don't forget.

The last few days have been okay. Its really difficult to sleep. I've been sleeping on a sofa chair with no neck support. Its terrible. But I can't sleep on my back yet because it hurts - not sure why. But I did take a rando nap this morning on my side which gives me hope that I may be able to sleep in bed this evening.

As I very slowly get back to normal (and I'm talking slow - I'm still walking slouched and I'm eating very small meals), my focus has changed from me getting better to praying for dad.

My dad's recovery is going to be a bumpy road. He hasn't been in is right mind the past few days and their not sure whats wrong. He had a chest infection two days ago which he was treated for but he still doesn't seem to be getting better. But the doctors and nurses who have done 100's of transplants continue to assure us that this is normal. Dad's recovery will take weeks, not days. The good news is that my liver graft is performing great!

God - You're not done with my Dad's life. You're still working and I have faith that you'll see him through!

Please continue to pray for my dad's recovery.


Patti Bloomfield said...

glad to hear you are feeling better josh!

Amandaq said...


Please tell your mom and Dad that we are thinking and praying for them (and you too) and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! We miss them...especially your mom's giggle!

Amanda, Marc and Rose Kearney

Deb Hohenadel said...

Josh & family

I am a member of Gateway Community Church in Sault Ste. Marie. Ron & Bette-Jean Dempster have kept us up-to-date on your family's journey. My husband and I are praying (along with many, many others) that God will strengthen all of you and meet your needs.
It's amazing how God has brought you this process and I am confident that He will continue to heal and restore.
Seasons Greetings
Deb Hohenadel

U.P. said...

Hey Bloomers in T.O......
Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas....we miss you back here in Ottawa!!! Just think of the great stories you'll be telling us next Christmas!!!
.....give 'the kid' a big hug for us

Uncle Paul & Auntie Sue

the Shaw said...

Merry Christmas to the Bloomfield family!

You are all still in my prayers!

The Warrens said...

Merry Christmas Josh and Chels.

Our family has you and your dad in our prayers! Thanks for the updates...

Have a wonderful day celebrating with your family. God is good!

Robb and Lois

Anonymous said...

It has warmed up to -24 here today on the Prairies.....just -37 with the wind chill. It was -47 a couple of days ago but now we are thawing out. But everything is warm because we celebrate with you the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!!!!!! So ggod to hear your voice Linda and to know that it is well with all of your souls.

Trust that you are all together again enjoying each other with the Presence of Jesus and I am hoping that Jamie is not sleeping on the floor again.

All of our love to every one.

Doug and Polly

Anonymous said...

Hi gang, Merry Christmas!! Thanks Josh for helping Brian, you are awesome! We pray that Brian will recover and we really think he will because he is such a strong character, a great Uncle and he has a bunch of cool folks praying for him!! Love you all heaps!
Mike, Emily, Jayne and Oliver

cindy said...

Hi Everyone,
happy to hear you're on the mend Josh...we're all hoping Brian gets better soon.I miss Linda and Brian at the store.

Merry Christmas and wishing for a better New Year!!!

(artistic cake design)

UK Alan said...

From the UK , Alan , Chris, Sam , Rich & Alex would love to send our very best wishes to you all and for a very fast recovery ,
From across the pond xxxxxxxxxx