Monday, December 8, 2008

Ho ho ho hotel!

We’ve started making some plans of our own. We’ve been in touch with the transplant coordinator and its all starting to feel more real.

We did get some bad news. I won’t be released from the hospital ‘till the 21st of December. Unfortunately, for my safety, I’m not permitted to travel the week after the surgery. So, Chelsea and I will have to spend an additional week in Toronto. Christmas in a hotel room – wooo hoo!

God – Thank you for your provision in the path and we know you’ll take care of us over Christmas.

So here are the plans:

Thursday, Dec 11
Leave for Toronto via Train. Grabbing a studio apartment at the Sutton Place, just a few blocks from the hospital.

Friday, Dec 12
We have appointments all morning to prep for the surgery. I have to pass an additional blood test as well as attend a pre-admission appointment where I’ll be fitted for stockings and other weird things.

I can’t believe this is happening.

Saturday & Sunday
Chill and relax.

Monday, Dec 15
Surgery goes down at 7am. Surgery is 6 hours long. I’ll be awake late in the afternoon.
I can’t believe this is happening.

Wednesday, Dec 17
Have some tubes removed (catheter, nasal tube (draining stomach)). I think some insane nurse is going to make me walk. But I’ll punch her before she does.

Thursday, Dec 18
I think I’ll start eating again. Apparently I’ll also be farting a lot (says the surgeon).

Sunday, Dec 21
Should be discharged


When I was talking to the transplant coordinator, I asked if I would be able to donate my own blood in the off chance that I’d need a transfusion during the procedure (3% chance). She said that if I were to donate my own blood, I’d need to have at least 2 weeks recovery time before the surgery, which obviously isn’t possible.

However, she did say that they’ll have use of a ‘Cell Saver’. During the operation, I will bleed. But my blood will be suctioned from my abdomen to keep it clear for the surgeons to work. The blood that is suctioned out is filtered and stored in the ‘Cell Saver’ until the end of the operation when it is given back to me through an IV. Isn’t that freakin nuts!?

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