Thursday, December 18, 2008

Feeling Better

So today was a better day for Josh. When I got to his room he wasnt there because he had been taken downstairs for an ultrasound. When he came back and saw me, he SMILED! Josh is back!! He was finally back to himself. He admitted he doesnt really remember much from the past 3 days, so I took some time filling him in on the funny things he said, the people he saw and the scowls he gave! He felt SO bad! Its ok love, its all normal. I also read to him all the wonderful messages everyone has been leaving. Through his bad heart burn he managed to smile again. That was great to see. He's now feeling pretty normal, not much pain from the actual surgery just really really bad heart burn. I can see its kind of depressing him. No matter what they give him, it doesnt seem to go away. He is being so strong though. I am so proud of him. I hope he learns through this that he can do anything! After his ultrasound he was moved down to the 7th floor and out of ACU. Progress! They gave him a big private room with his own bathroom and shower.

Brian is another story! Im tellin ya, you have to peel him off the ceiling he is SO happy! We had a great surprise visit from Wayne today. When I took him to see Brian, as soon as we turned the corner in ICU we heard this LOUD clapping! I knew right away it was Brian in his room having his own little party! Later on in the day Josh took a long walk up to his Dad's room and they had a great visit. As we left Brian belted out at the top of his lungs "Fa la la la la!". His nurses must think he's lost his mind!

Oh and he now has his own compact mirror that he can pull out whenever he wants to look at himself again. And he does alot!

The blood clot surgery for Brian ended up being cancelled because it seems to be fixing itself! He will hopefully be moved from ICU to ACU (where Josh just was) in the next few days.

Tomorrow Josh will be unhooked from everything! No more IV's or catheter. Then hopefully out of the hospital at the end of the weekend.

Im so proud of you love.


the Shaw said...

Hey guys!

I'm glad to hear about the recovery! We'll see you back in Ottawa soon! Stay strong, I'm praying for you.

P.S. Josh, my mother said that she really missed you at the Christmas show this year and she wanted you to know that. But your family's story has also given her the same hope that your singing brings. Thank you very much for that gift!

Love you all very much!
the Shaw

Anonymous said...

Josh, Chel, Linda and Brian,
I can't begin to express the honour it has been to journey with you all. Although we only get a glimpse from the sideline and your in the trenches, we are battling with prayer.
The kids ask is Josh? Have you heard from Chelsea? They tell stories about you Josh, how kind and funny you are and how you always have time for them. It has been an amazing time to share with the kids and listen to them pray for you. You guys are loved more than you know. We love and miss you all and look forward to seeing you back here in Ottawa....maybe we can steal another one of your subs?
Much Love, Heather and Kev, Zack, Serena and Aaron

Jules&Caleb said...

Josh & Chelsea,

Caleb and I cannot stop talking about how inspiring you both are. I said last night to Caleb "Josh just gave the best gift you could give to anyone at Christmas-life!" and it is so true...your dad who gave YOU life you are now giving him's just a crazy thought.

We are praying for you both, your crazy hilarious dad and the whole family. SO much will come out of the both of you because of this will and already are both better/stronger for doing this. You inspire're both amazing.

Chelsea...I don't know how you're doing it but are seriously so strong.

<3 Love you guy's
Jules and Caleb :)

Al and Pat Harris (friends of Paul's) said...

Thinking of you Brian and Josh and saying a prayer for you. We hope your recovery is pain free from here on in.

Anonymous said...

Hi my loves...our times before you left are special..laughing and crying Chel are all good.
You are in our prayers and we love you, a special prayer and love from my Mom Sharyn Lefebvre.
See you at home soon, God is amazing, he is taking care of all of you and he's with Brian and Josh covering them.

Love and hugs..Bradley, [Silas Your Fav], Abram, & Kelli xxoo