Sunday, December 21, 2008

Josh is Out!!

Just got in to the hotel, and this time I have my husband with me!

Josh was let out today! He is sooo happy! We are just headed out to pick up his millions of perscriptionsm, so he will write later and fill you all in on his side of things!


Alan ( UK ) said...

Hi Guys We are so pleased you are out and Brian is doing good ,We have followed every min on the blog , We pray for you all and send our " LOVE " Get it
Ok then ,Night.
Love Al - Chris 0 SAm ,Rich & Alex & Tabbie the cat

aunt jean said...

We are so happy to hear that you two 'LOVE' birds are back together where you belong. Get it? (I borrowed that one from Al, lol). Josh, we wish both you and your dad a continued healthy recovery - come home soon.
Best Christmas ever to all of you with lots of 'LOVE' (again, lol) from Jean, Brett and the kids.
Chel, 'LOVE' the tatoo! (lol, there I go again, I can't stop, this LOVE thing really catches on....)

Vanessa said...

Hi Guys,
I'm so glad the surgeries went so well and that Josh and Brian are recovering! Chelsea, you must be so Happy to have Josh back! I was so touched by the "love" tattoo. It looks great!
Wishing Brian and Josh all the love to get them through their recovery.

Mike said...

Hi guys. You are truly an inspiring group. Your faith, love and loyalty are an inspiration. We look daily for updates and are so happy to be greeted with such good news.
We wish Josh and Brian a continued healthy recovery.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all of you.
Love Emily, Mike, Jayne and Oliver

Anonymous said...

Chelsea! That looks incredible! Glad to hear the good update! I'll still be praying for you over the holidays. Take care!
Love Kayla and Chuk