Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Loooong Day

A few days ago one of the Doctor's told us "If you can believe it, when Josh is ready to go see Brian for the first time, Brian will look and feel better then Josh".


Well, that Doctor could not have been more right.

Josh had a rough day. Basically the high of the surgery being over (and the meds wearing off) leave the donor feeling like..crap. The good thing is, he is recovering well and going through all the normal things he should be going through. Including being very grumpy. I love you Lovest...but you had a scowl on your face allllll day. This is when his bowls and things start moving around again, leaving him feeling very gassy. He had heart burn, acid indijestion and naseau (sounds like the pepto commercial). They warned us this would happen, but you never know how bad until youre there. He was not himself today. I felt so bad, there was nothing I could do.

We thought maybe a video from Brian would cheer him up..

In case you didnt catch all that...Brian is going to get another small surgery to fix the blood clot they found. Its very common and just an hour long surgery. The "Campbells Soup" he is referring to would be blood. If you know Brian, this video will be great for you to see! He's back to Brian, so happy with his own sense of humour. Linda says he still keeps asking for a mirror so he can look at himself. In reality, he doesnt look any different on the outside. Except that his eyes are brighter and his smile is bigger! But boy...does he ever think he looks great! He says he feels brand new inside. That is so amazing to see, I cant even tell you.

As funny and cute as that video is, it didnt do the trick for Josh. So we asked Brian's nurse if Josh could come by. She said yes! We got him a wheel chair and brought him on over to Brian's room.

I know deep down inside he was happy to see his Dad, but he wasnt too great at showing it today. Just in case you werent sure what a Josh "scowl" looks like...I just so happened to get a picture of it. oh boy. That might just be worse then my evil look.
What a roll reversal. Josh was so down and Brian was literally bouncing in his bed. You would not believe the change in Brian. He was singing (trying to!), snapping his fingers, bouncing his legs. He couldnt sit still. He's just SO happy. I cant wait for Josh to feel better so that he can experience the new Brian.

We realized that Josh has not been sleeping. That is taking a HUGE toll on him. After the visit, he finally slept for 3 hrs. The rest of the night was spent feeling very crappy though. We were reasurred that it is all normal. Tomorrow he will be moved from the step down unit to the 7th floor which is the general transplant unit. He also got rid of lots of IV's and things today and will get unhooked from more tomorrow. That should help in the way he feels. He has these crazy sock things on his legs that compress every few minutes to prevent blood clots. They are really starting to bug him. Hopefully they will come off tomorrow.

Anyways, if you couldnt tell I am WAY tired. Just wanted to update everyone. Keep all the great comments coming. Tomorrow I am going to write down all the nice messages Ive gotten and bring them into Josh for encouragement. He needs it now more then ever.


Kory and Steph said...


The updates on both Josh and Brian are great-we couldn't be happier to hear that they are both doing great-minus Josh's piercing scowling! Haha. The video of Brian was amazing to watch-he looks SO happy. God is good.

Josh-Dude, you're truly inspiring. We haven't stopped thinking/praying for both you and Chel and your families throughout this journey. Keep your head up and know how much you are loved by many back in Ottawa. We're praying for a great day for you tomorrow, renewed strength and that you will be encouraged-and hopefully sleep!
"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning." Lamentations 3:22-23

We love you both

Patti Bloomfield said...

Thanks so much for keeping us all up to date. Please give everyone my love and know that I am thinking of all of you. Its great to hear everything is going well! Please give Uncle Brian a big hug!

U.P. said...

Brian & Josh:
You're both looking great for a couple of 'confounded monkeys'!!!
It's time to start jamming the shortbread cookies into ya.

Love ya....

Anonymous said...

To Josh and Brian:
I belong to the church Betty Jean and Ron go to and I just feel very compelled to write to you that this too WILL pass and I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength. I feel very touched by your story, and I know that the Lord, no matter what it looks like WILL BRING YOU THROUGH.
He will never leave or forsake you.
Lots of us praying for you both from the Sault and prays work! Amen!
Susie Celetti
Sault Ste Marie Ontario

STephanie Mason said...

Chelsea & Josh, Linda & Brian,

What an adventure you are all going through. I am amazed daily by the wonders and blessings in our lives. Above all, God and His love and graciousness; the miracles that happen everyday, being the ones we notice and the ones we don't; the love of friends and family; and the awesomeness of the internet and being kept so informed!!!

Overjoyed to read that everything is going as planned and that this Christmas season will be one of celebration for you all.


Shelley Douthwright said...

Josh, every friend I know who's had surgery says the third day after is always the worst, even friends who have had more than one surgery. That's the day all the drugs and crap start leaving your system and you fight to go back to normal.

Hang in there baby and remember it's ok to be crabby, you are absolutely entitled to all the emotions you're feeling.

Seeing Brian's video was so amazing, I can't believe the difference, just in his voice, you can see your spare part is keeping up the warranty. Take care, see you soon, I sent you some treats so tell Chelsea to let me know if it doesn't arrive so I can follow up. You might not be able to eat them for awhile but there's no better motivator than chocolate as far as I'm concerned. xoxo

Ron Dempster said...


Great updates--thanks! We have been praying for you, Josh, Brian & Linda. We are thrilled that all is well! We are so proud of you--your courage, your hope, your faith! God is good.

We will continue to pray and believe that God will have his way!

All of our love,
Ron, Bette-Jean, Gateway Community Church

Bortots said...

Aw I thought Josh's farting day would be his favorite because he couldn't get in trouble for it! :) We hope you feel better soon Josh and its very true that you're probably going through the worst'll only get better from here!

Just remember stupid YouTube videos you and Jeremy always look up, and hopefully they will bring a little smile :)

We will see you guys soon and we keep praying! Just so you know...there are hundreds...probably thousands of people thinking of you all. Like actually. You are all very loved!

Especially by us :)
The Bortots